Wish to reboot your life? Here are 7 ways to give yourself a fresh start

Currently, all of us are bogged down by adverse situations. Finances, career, relationships everything seems to have gone in the spiral of uncertainty. In such adverse times, making small changes here and there might not be of any help. And starting again on a clean slate is what you might be looking for. However, starting afresh can be nigh on impossible. As it means bringing new principles and perspectives. Given the adversity of starting fresh, Here are 7 ways you can choose to reboot your life and start fresh.

1. Set up a new schedule:

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The best way to reboot your ongoing life is to set up a new schedule. May it be adding a few extra hours to work on the current project or a workout routine to burn those extra calories. Setting up a new routine will help you bolt from the former gloomy outlook.

2. Revamp your closet:

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his might sound like an old epithet but can be a great step towards a new start. You could either dig deeper and bring back a set of old clothes to wear again or could decide on changing the way you dress up.

Here’s A tip: take an idea of how the coming week or month looks like. How does it demand you to show up? Based upon the answer arrange a set of clothes and accessories. Keep them on the front and rest behind. Doing this will enable you to keep the spirit high for the rest of the day.

3. New spreadsheet for new finances:

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If you find yourself in a financial zap, it’s time to both keep a track of it and remodel your finances. The goal is to not repeat the same mistakes again and adapt a way to improve your finances. Having a new spreadsheet for the new finance plan can be highly beneficial.

4. Try one hard thing every month:

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This is a go-to mantra for becoming mentally strong and taking your challenges head-on. Try one hard thing every month. It could be a habit you wish to adopt like keeping your room tidy or learning a new skill. It could also be something you are scared of like maybe learning to swim. Make a list of what challenges you and get behind it. With every tick, you will find yourself motivated.

5. Recline and unwind:

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As it is ideal to stay in hustle there is also a need to recline and unwind. Take a break from the never-ending loop of showing up and unwind in a way you like. It is a proven theory that a relaxed and rejuvenated mind is the best at work

6. Commitment over trying:

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When we say “I’ll try”, you are already saying ” I may not” and hence there’s no zeal for a task. Start committing yourself to a task instead of saying “I’ll try”. This way you will be forced to gather will for it and train your mind to put the work out there.

7. Reassess your career pathway:

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May it be getting a degree or a promotion. If the current path is leading you nowhere near to your aspiration, there might be a need to reassess your approach. Get past the current stagnancy by deciding upon the next step that will take you one step closer to your dream career. 

Well, this was our take for a new approach in order to reboot your life. The process of taking yourself through it won’t be an easy one but is definitely worth it. Have any additional views on this? Please let us know in the comment section. We would be happy to connect. Good luck on taking a new pathway 👍



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