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When you are at the crossroads in life,
when you fail to bring a smile on the face of your wife,
when your job feels more like a slow piercing knife,
come to Z-Edge, save time, recreate life!

Life hacks and advices are thrown around casually in India, but it isn’t necessary what worked as a solution to one’s life problems will be the same for the other. Life is simple, do not try to complicate or cloud it with unwanted chit chatting. Seek professional help for your own good and well-being.

Z- Edge, Nagpur provides counseling for the following:

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Career Counselling

Career counselling is apt for students who are uncertain about their future as well as professionals working without any job satisfaction. The toughest job in today’s era is to be satisfied with self-content after a hard day’s work at the end of the day. Studies reveal the job satisfaction quotient in India to be as high as 60% with 80% of the people eager for a switch. A career carves your future. Book a consultation now and secure your future.

Career counseling aims at equipping you not only for making decisions in the present, but to give you the skills and understanding for your future decisions-making.

Relationship/ Marital Counselling

Relationship going through a rough patch? Marriage is on the rocks and not able to assess the turn of events happening around?

Z-edge always is at your disposal for even most trivial of quarrels. The affair of heart between two people easily leads to conflicts in the relationship. A clogged mind can never lead to a rational solution to the problem. No fights are petty enough to hold onto or to let it brew deep within. Seek a formula for perfect relationship. Clarify the quarrels through our expertise.

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Personal Counselling

Facing problems in life? Can’t share them with anyone?

Z-edge can guide you in the direction of light away from the darkness. Personal counselling comprises of series of difficulties faced by someone on a personal front which the person is not able to share or get rid of with ease. Z-edge will help its clients with the best possible options when facing problems like dissatisfaction in life, or any small matter which you feel is minuscule but still persists without a solution.

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Child/ Parental Counselling

Children are the most vulnerable when it comes to getting exposed to stress. With a growing and developing mind set, one can never judge how your child can assess the situation at the helm. Facing pressure from school, friends, parents, and media, turning adolescents makes them more anxious about their career, sexuality, or where they belong. Nurture and understand them better, with professional help and guidance.

We offer other Counselling Services as well:

Pre Marital Counselling | Marriage Counselling | Family Counselling

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