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Companies, organizations, and institutions are independent entities. Therefore need the same pruning and training as we as individuals do. This comes from timely, consistent, and rigorous intervention from experts.

Z-edge is one of the leading corporate training organizations in Nagpur. We serve as trusted advisers and help our clients achieve organizational resilience by providing services that will leave your employees more proactive, innovative, and synergic. 

Z-edge will help you create a dynamic workforce strategy by providing dextrous ways of working and enable you to keep up with constant changes in the way organizations work. 

What is it?

    1. Organization restructuring: An act towards making your organization more organized and profitable. 

    2. Job grading and profiling: A way to recognize high-achieving employees and help raise company productivity.

    3. Group Activities: Will include activities like team building, time management, productivity, conflict resolution, and more. 

    4. Employee analysis: An important step that will enable the organization to place the right candidate at the right job. 

    5. Workshops and Training: Specially curated developmental programs that are designed to help employees strive at both personal and professional levels.

    6. Personal consultation: A one-on-one consultation with the professionals to help them thrive at the organizational level. 

    7. Customized training and developmental program: Specially curated high-impact developmental programs designed in accordance with the need of an organization. 

How we can help?

Business today is anything but usual. The nature of the work is evolving at a fast pace and demands organizations to take agile and collaborative decisions for their welfare. Z-edge will help you achieve this goal with our extensive training and development program. It will provide your organization a powerful behavior change platform. From individual breakthroughs to transformed relationships, watch the effects ripple out for your organization with Z-Edge.


Improved Employee Performance
Increased Productivity
Sharpen existing skills
Aligned organizational goal
Increased workplace engagement
Strategic development
Reduced employee turnover
Improved company profile and reputation

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