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Career Counseling

Are you confused or at a cross-roads regarding any career-related decisions? Etching out a career path that best suits your capabilities, interests, aspirations and personality is a life changing decision that needs to be made wisely and in an informed manner.

At Z-Edge, we patiently lend an ear to your problems, confessions, preferences and personal opinion. After hearing you out, we quietly take a step forward and introduce you to your real self (personality), post which, we give you a wide variety of career options and ask your to chalk out your life yourself, wherein we at Z-edge via counselling, make you the author/writer of your own life.

Career Counselling
What is Career Counselling?

What is it?

Career development is a process that starts the moment you are born and lasts an entire lifetime. Carving out a path for a successful career is influenced by a number of factors, like your aptitude, interests, personality, aspirations and goals, circumstances and background. Career counseling will help you develop a broader understanding of your own self and about work and education, further helping you make informed educational, career and life decisions.

Career counseling aims at equipping you not only for making decisions in the present, but to give you the skills and understanding for your future decisions-making.

What can you expect from Career Counseling?

Help you have a better understanding of your own self and what you are looking to achieve out of your education, career, and life.

Lend a keen ear to your thoughts, feelings, concerns and ideas about choices you would like to make about your career and education, and consequently, help you make sense of these feelings and thoughts by efficiently sorting and organizing them. Help you analyze your aptitude, values, and interests and map it with your career goals and aspirations.

Provide you much-needed help locating career-related sources and resources. Also, Provide a personalized plan or road-map on how to achieve your goals.

What to expect from Career Counselling?

3 Steps We follow at Z-edge for Career Counseling

  • Assessment of the requirement
  • Suggest the required test
  • Final counseling according to the report

Usually, when one finds twists and turns at various points in their life, there is a disclaimer to ‘Go Slow’! Likewise, we put a disclaimer ‘Plan and write your turns in life with Z-Edge’, making them successful, informed and safe turns.


Z-Edge Steps for Career Counselling

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