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Personal Counselling

Personal Counselling

Are you facing problems in life and can’t share with anyone? Problems, worries and concerns are part of everyone’s day-to-day life. At Z-edge, we help you with the best possible options when facing problems like dissatisfaction in life, or any small matter which you feel is minuscule but still persists without a solution.

What is it?

Personal counselling is a process which will help you to understand and confront the challenges you face. Personal or individual counselling is where you and your counselor meet one to one in private and confidential; warm, genuine and safe environment. This counselling will enhance your awareness of understanding yourself and your emotions. The personal counselor listens to you and tries to understand your life situation, helps you to explore your thoughts, feelings and emotions regarding your life situations.

What is Personal Counselling?


Personal counselling could be helpful in the following scenarios:

  • If you are coping with major life challenges
  • If you get uncontrollable feeling of sadness, anger or hopelessness
  • If you are feeling disconnected from previously beloved activities
  • If you are dealing with childhood trauma
  • If you looking for self improvement and greater self understanding
  • If you have gone through some loss and are finding it hard to bounce back


Some of the benefits of individual counselling:

  • Helps you have a better understanding of your own self and your emotions
  • Helps you discover your personal strengths
  • Help you attempt at new ways of thinking and behaviour
  • Sharing your worries with an expert helps you feel less alone with the problem
  • Helps you identify goals for yourself and how to progress towards those goals

In general personal counselling benefits the individual by bringing the person to better self-awareness and helping him/her feel more connected to a fuller sense of self.

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