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Family Counselling

“Family is the first essential cell of human society,” said Pope John XXII of Rome. From the first moment of life itself, the family holds the single most influence on us. It acts as one’s first pedagogue that teaches one how to experience and how to act in the world. A happy family develops a sense of well-being within each family member and instills a sense of hope and positivity. Every family, no matter how strong and happy it is,  has its own share of problems.  Most of which are handled well without any aid from outside. However, there are times when the difficulties start taking a toll on each member and the balance gets debilitated. As a result of this, the relationships suffer.  It is in times like this when family counseling comes as a savior.

What is it?

When a family is going through turmoil which is a result of grief, stress or anger, family counseling can help settle the issues amongst its members. It is done through various activities depending upon the situation of the family and upon how many members of it are willing to seek change.

What is Relationship Counselling?


At Zedge, family counseling is conducted by life genie Renu Daga. The type of counseling however depends upon where the problem in the family resides and the complexity of it. Whether it is a clash amongst the couples, children or members of the extended family

How does it help?

It is important to understand that even if a single member of the family is going through something, it has direct adverse effects on the other members of the family. The basis of every dispute in a family is lack of understanding amongst its members or an external problem which is difficult to confront as a family.

Family therapy at Zedge is a blend of therapeutic sessions with Renu Daga and MBTI personality tests if required. Through it one can get help in understanding what is the personality type of each family member and thus is able to deal with the disputes better.

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