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Plan and write your turns in life with Z-Edge’

Various crossroads of life you find yourself in, may it be your career, relationship or anything that is keeping you from your best self, we will at Zedge help you find the right path. Help you find a solution and show light at the end of the tunnel. We will handhold you right until you find the most suitable door.

Career Counseling

Career Counselling at Zedge will enable you to not only understand your strengths but will make you aware of your shortcomings too. Thus enabling you to make a conscious career choice. One for which you are always willing to strive hard. Take your first step with us today.

Personal Counseling

Personal Counselling at Z-Edge allows individuals to understand and explore their beliefs, behaviour and feelings. It enables them to go through the challenges of life without losing a bit of themselves. Through it one can navigate through tough times effectively.

Pre-Marital Counseling

It is about a reality check of all the dreams and expectations. A reality check of the circumstance and situations which can prevent false presumptions regarding marriage. Premarital counseling with us allows a couple to have a better chance at maintaining a stable and content married life.

Marriage Counseling

Some marriages fall prey to challenges that drift two individuals apart. Marriage Counselling acts as a perfect mediator in such times. It enables effective communication and helps the couple analyse the root of their problems. It introduces ways to help rekindle the relationship.

Relationship Counseling

Happy Relationships form the basis of a well anchored life. We at Zedge help you strengthen the basis of it and promote individual growth. Both of which are essential to kindle your affinity. If you find yourself at a point where you are not happy with your relationship with others as well as yourself but are still hopeful for it, reach out to us today.

Parental Counseling

Parental counselling offers modalities that help parents gain a better understanding of their parental style, face and eventually conquer their personal issues, and restore their family, bringing back harmony and peace in the household utimately helping the child to be socially sound

Institutional Counselling

Also known as corporate counselling, institutional counselling fosters the mental health of employees and takes care of their emotional well being. Through it, an organisation can enable increased awareness and ignite improved self performance amongst its employees. It helps the employees to better meet their organisational goal.

Family Counselling

A proactive type of counselling for the family. It is a form of therapy that provides conflict resolution strategies to the unit. It helps the family stay connected even in times of crises. It prevents them from engaging in any type of negative behaviour that may result in a split.

What Is it?

Counselling often requires you to discuss upsetting emotions and painful memories. Bringing up these thoughts can feel difficult to start with and initially, you may feel worse. This process is necessary to move forward and in time, you should start to feel better.

To get the most from your counselling sessions you should aim to make them consistent. Some sessions will feel more helpful than others, but it’s important to realise that everything your counsellor is doing is designed to help you in the long run, even if it doesn’t feel like it in the beginning.

It’s also worth remembering that counselling is not a quick fix, and that your counsellor will not be able to tell you what to do. The counselling process requires a strong relationship between you and your counsellor and a degree of effort on your part – together these two elements create a successful method to help you resolve your issues.

We offer other Counselling Services as well:

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