Our workshops are specially curated developmental programmes that are designed to help an individual thrive at both personal and professional level. 

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For your organization:

A special workshop designed to bring about a paradigm shift in your organization. A program that will provide best practices for the holistic success of our organization. One that shall enable the employees to generate remarkable results effortlessly. 

Organisational maturity
Shared Vision
Time Management
Team Building

Shape your Career

A workshop that assesses and ascertains your strengths and interests. And thus, enables you to zero in on a field that is most suitable for you.  Whether you are a student, an institute, or a career professional, this program will be an aid for every individual who is seeking for an ideal career. 

Choices and Decisions
Goal Setting 
Focus and attention
Creating Balance

Z-Edge Steps for Career Counselling
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Heal Your Life

Many people are still caged with the emotions and negativity of their past. As a result of which they are unable to reach their best self. Heal your life is a two-day influential workshop that consists of self-development exercises. Some of which are a takeaway from her book, You Can Heal Your Life.

Body Mind Connection
Releasing Old Emotions

For your self-growth

A personal development workshop that helps hone one’s own set of strengths and skills.  One that will enable personal and professional growth through various activities and modules. It is an interactive programme  that will help you learn, keep up to date and share ideas.  

Optimal use of Time and talent 
Peek a boo with self 
Art of letting go 
Coping with change

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We offer other Counselling Services as well:

Personal Counselling | Marriage Counselling | Parental Counselling

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