Transactional Analysis

Transactional Analysis

In this one day workshop we go through a psychological theory, Transactional Analysis also known as TA, which explains why we think, act and feel the way we do.
With our expert facilitator for Transactional Analysis , we elevate your thinking to a higher level while raising awareness so you can recognise your own complex and dysfunctional communication and behaviour patterns to evolve deeper connections with self and the world.

Transactional Analysis

What is it?

Through the well-defined programme, it helps participants:

To take their own decisions in life. Helps one to become self reliant.

To understand the areas where one can improve communication with self and others.

To develop an improved understanding of people.

Magnified focus on personal and professional goals

What can you expect from Transactional Analysis?

We have understood the efficacy of the tool which has proved to be of great help in corporate sectors.  It is beneficial for the work environment as it enables people to learn techniques like interpersonal communications, team building and many more.

It is highly beneficial for people dealing in business environment. With transactional analysis one can manage tough situations through self awareness.

As per the philosophy of Dr. Eric Berne, TA is about:

  •         People are OKAY
  •         People can THINK for themselves
  •         People can MAKE DECISIONS for themselves
  •         People can change decisions and RE-DECIDE 

TA proves to be life-transforming for the participants as they gain increased understanding about people – themselves and others.  It elaborates and explains why people behave as they do, and why some people ‘communicate’ the way they do.

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