Parental Counselling


Parental Counselling

Parenting is a rewarding but highly challenging and at times, overwhelming process, as every decision a parent takes is keeping in mind the well-being of their child.How many times have you heard yourself saying,“I am taking this decision because this is in the best interests of my child.”?The huge responsibility of raising a child is not always a bed of roses.It comes with a lot of pressure and stress.

Parents may face different types of problems that can affect how they manage their families, especially in how they inculcate the right values in their children.If you are facing any such issues that are causing you distress, then you must consider parental counselling.

What is it?

Parental counseling is a service that aims at providing the required tools, guidance, knowledge and support to parents without them having to worry about being judged, in an unbiased, healthy manner. Through parental counseling, parents become more equipped to take care of their family, especially their children

At Z-Edge, we do not focus on helping you ‘change’ you or your children. Instead, we try and understand what has worked for you so far and how to use that as your strength to move forward. The process is about discovering your strengths as a parent and building strong relationships in your family.We believe in helping you move toward the family that you always wanted to be! For this, we will lend a keen ear to your problems,

and will help you open up to us. In turn, we will share a fresh perspective and new ideas with you and offer suggestions on how you can implement new parenting strategies.


Although, parental counselling is recommended to all parents, it is more of a necessity for those who are facing any of the following issues:

  • Not being able to deal with children who refuse to take instructions
  • Not being able to connect with or communicate effectively with your child.
  • A feeling of ‘power struggle’ with your child.
  • Facing trouble in implementing routines for your family.
  • Strategies to manage your child’s behaviour are not working effectively.
  • Suffering from a health problem that is preventing you from spending time with your family, especially your children.
  • Dealing with teenage issues being faced by your child.
  • Problems in your marriage, such as finances and infidelity having a negative impact on your children.
  • Grief or loss in the family


Parental counseling can be attended by one parent or both parents, together. It can yield very positive outcomes, such as:

  • An unbiased view about the issues you are facing in your family, and ways to cope with them.
  • Increasing your confidence in your parenting abilities and strategies.
  • Ways to understand the emotions and needs of your child better.
  • Better relationship with your spouse and extended family.
  • Helps in coping with a loss.
  • Emotional well-being of your child in case of a divorce or separation from spouse.
  • A friendly, unbiased and positive approach to tackle family issues with no blame or sermons; only an opportunity for self-discovery.
  • The aim is to make you feel more sure of your parenting.

Our Counselling Services

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Relationship counselling at Z-edge overcomes obstacles, using effective techniques to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and reignite intimacy. Promote empathy, trust, and growth for a fulfilling partnership and lasting happiness.

Parental counselling empowers caregivers with insights, tools, and support to nurture children's growth and well-being. Promoting understanding, empathy, and effective parenting strategies, let's create harmonious family dynamics and a strong foundation for the future.

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About Z-Edge

Welcome to Z-edge, a counseling firm nestled in the heart of Nagpur. Our mission is to provide a guiding light to our esteemed clients, empowering them to unlock their true potential. With a team of certified professionals, we conduct a series of internationally acclaimed tests to discover your self-worth and create profound self-awareness. Thrive under the guidance of stalwarts in the counseling domain as we help you realize your own true potential. At Z-edge, we believe in empowering individuals to take charge of their lives and embrace their unique journey. Let us be your partner in personal growth and transformation. Together, we will illuminate the path towards a more fulfilling and enriched life.

Meet Our Founder:

Renu Daga
Founder, Life Director

Z-Edge was founded by Renu Daga. She has over 30 years of experience in consulting. It is her cross domain expertise which renders her advise invaluable and as a counselor irreplaceable.

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  • Certified Counselling Team
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  • Specialization in career counselling through MBTI assessment
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