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When you hit the rock bottom, the only way is up

A young woman shares her story of finding the strength to rise after hitting the rock bottom.

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“ When I was first introduced to Z-Edge, I was in a miserable state. I had lost all hope and desire to live life. Z-Edge helped me rise from the ashes and helped me grow from nothing.”

My dreams and desires 

“Like every young girl, I even dreamed of getting married one day. Of having a caring husband and family of my own. I was born in a family where traditions and rituals were always prioritized. And it was a tradition in our house for every girl to get married after her graduation. All my elder sisters followed the ritual and were happily married. However, I was a studious and ambitious kid and didn’t want my career to get hampered due to a ritual. Seeing me excel, I was given two years to pursue further education. I excelled enormously in my post-graduation and did not want to stop there. My dream was to be an independent woman and take up a job of my choice 

facing REality

However, my family had different plans for me. They had already seen a boy for me to get married to. Rihan was an Engineer settled in Boston, USA. He was charming and loved his profession. In our first meeting itself, I was impressed with his outlook on life. However, I wanted to pursue further education and so I shared my will with Rihan. He ensured my parents that I could carry on my education post-marriage and take up a job of my choice. I was very happy with how things were falling in place for me and so I agreed upon getting married.  

Within 6 months I got married.  I was supposed to stay in Boston with Rihan post marriage and so I left India as planned. The initial days were good, I was introduced to all the family members and was happy with how things were going. 

After a few days however I was given a part of the household to manage. I was happy to share the responsibility but the work was just laid upon me day after day. All my day went by in doing the household chores. I tried talking about this with Rihan. Upon this Rihan told me that we would hire some help for the same.

Falling into the trap

Months passed by but nothing happened. I was left to do the work alone. I had no time left for doing my own things. Complaints to Rihan now turned to arguments. All the family members treated me like a servant and refused to give me any rest.

In a month, I was introduced to a lady. She was a good looking woman and spent most of the day at our place. I was asked to do most of her duties and not complain. I used to wonder why she spent most of her time in our house and knew everything about us. 

Getting mistreated 

Soon a devastating news was disclosed to me. The woman whose work I was doing for the past few days was Rihan’s wife. Rihan was already a married man and I was brought to Boston to serve the family as a maid. This was the reason I was refrained from all the amenities. I was devastated to know this. Now that the secret was disclosed, I was mistreated even more. My cell phone was taken, I was asked to take up the cottage room and was bombarded with household chores each day. I couldn’t make a call or get out of the house and was asked not to leave the room when guests arrived. 

There was no way for me to contact my family or to seek help. They continued mistreating me for a few months. One day to my fortune, I managed to get a cell phone. I framed a message and sent it to my family. In a span of two days itself my brother and father came to Boston and filed a police complaint against Rihan’s family. And I was taken back to India. 

Hitting the rock bottom

Although I was back to where I belonged and was safe, I couldn’t forget the trauma that I went through in the past months. I had a failed marriage, had lost time on the educational front and my family suffered a lot on the societal front. I had lost everything. Had lost track of days and spent them weeping about the life of no hope. 

Taking the first step

Seeing me in this miserable state, my parents decided to take aid from a counsellor. They knew I needed help from a professional and so they started searching for the best counsellor in Nagpur city. Renu Daga and Z-Edge were one of the names that appeared more frequently in our search. And so we approached them. 

I wasn’t in a state to even seek light and so I wasn’t interested in taking help too. On a telephonic conversation with one of the counsellors at Z-Edge itself my parents knew that it was an ideal option for me. They took an appointment with Renu ma’am through one of the fellow counsellors.

On the path of healing

In the first appointment, my parents opened up about what I went through to Renu ma’am. She made me feel comfortable and tried making me talk about my problems. She realised I couldn’t open up in front of my parents and so she requested a one on one appointment with me. In these appointments I was able t o talk about all my insecurities and how hopeless I had been feeling. 

Renu ma’am looked into everything and gave me tips and activities to regain my confidence. I knew what I had to do but didn’t get the purpose of it. As for me I had lost the battle. Upon this Renu ma’am said that “when you hit the rock bottom, the only way is up. It is never too late to start what you love and excel at it.” Renu ma’am reminded me of all my dreams and ambitions before I got married. She introduced me to ways that helped me grow from nothing. 

Finding light 

Yes it did take time for me to see the light. But once I did, there was no stopping. And for this I thank Renu ma’am. She helped me reflect upon myself. It was because of her that I realised that it is never too late to strive for what you love. The tips and activities suggested by her will stay with me like life lessons forever. If it hadn’t been Z-Edge, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to get out of the dark hole without Renu ma’am. I shall always be grateful to her. 

If you feel you need to talk to someone, simply add your details to get a different perspective to your emotional struggles.

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