It is all a matter of perspective:

As humans all the time are torn between right or wrong, good or bad, true or false, this or that.

The truth is that in this world of relativity where there is no absolute values, life is all about how you look at it. Happiness is then just a matter of perspective; so is truth. For all those truth seekers my take is that if there is no truth then what exactly are we seeking ? Are we not just taking a ego ride in believing that we are doing something profound and lofty. Is mine not six from the other end? How deep is the much depends on how tall you are.

Most disagreements, arguments perhaps also wars have broken out because of how we are looking at things.

Vision is the art of seeing that which is invisible to others. And what you are depends only on what you look at and also from where you look from. We can complain because rose bushes have thorns or thorn bushes have roses.

It is a matter of perspective. It is a matter of which lens we choose to look at things from. A pessimist sees a tunnel and an optimist sees the light at the end of it. Look at it from engine driver perspective he sees two fools standing on the rails.

We must respect all points of view. At times when we are trapped by the shares of our own opinion and unable to untangle our conflicts, then knocking the door of a counsellor for personal counselling is a very good idea so that we can put things in perspective.

It is our choice how to look at the world. Life is about these choices one makes. I respect, happiness is then a matter of perspective, so is reality, so is truth, so is life!!!

Renu Daga



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