The ABC’s… of life – The fancy of ‘F’

The fancy of F…

FREEDOM – It is paramount to all life and freedom, means limit drawn confinement. But life flourishes when these limits are not imposed by someone but by self. Freedom is the will to be responsible to ourselves. As said by someone Freedom cannot be bestowed, it must be achieved.

FAITH – My next pick is faith for obvious reasons. It is faith above that can move mountains isn’t it? It becomes a pillar of strength in moments of crisis. It is that link which connects you to your hidden and inner strength. It gives an impetus to your dreams, to your action. It makes impossible, possible.

FRIENDSHIP – Becomes the mirror of your our self. Friends become a reflection of your strengths, they help you see your flaws, and they correct you. It is in friendship that one grows as a person. Moments of fun and memories etched forever are usually with friends making friendship an indispensable yet important part of life.

FAMILY – Family is where your life begins. It is the safe heaven and remains so till one lives. It has given to you your identity so to say. For every glory and gain one would want to share with them, for every sorrow and pain one would want to run in the areas of the family. Do we ever know ourselves independent of them?

FOCUS – It is what makes life meaningful. Focus on self, on your well being, on your future, focus on where and how would you make it meaningful and worthy. Focus on your goals, your aspirations, your abilities and no one can stop you from reaching your destination.

Your relationship with yourself defines your relationship with your friends and family. If you are going through a rough patch in any of your relationships, you must consider Relationship counselling which helps you resolve your conflicts with your loved ones, and helps build and nurture your relationships.


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