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How to be action-oriented and not result-oriented?

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You are well equipped to give that presentation but can’t stop thinking about your boss’s review. You are one of the best artists in your club but can’t stop thinking about your audience’s reaction. If you find these examples relatable, you are a result-oriented individual. Before even starting what you are good at, you wonder, if the result would be in your favor. This way your efforts aren’t in line with the best of your capacity but in line with what could happen. And that is exactly why sometimes, result-oriented thoughts can prove to be crippling. Instead of giving your best shot in the present, one is always wondering about the possible outcomes in the future. 

Here are a few reasons why action-oriented people are better at getting things done. And how can one you benefit by being one! 

They are proactive

Being proactive implies constantly moving forward. They are the ones who take initiative and make things happen. Action-oriented people are proactive in nature as they think about the next thing to do once the former is done. They do not wait for someone to leave them with a certain responsibility. They are ideal observers and actively engaged.   Proactive people are highly decisive and believe in getting things done then and there. Procrastination is not an option for them as they are well aware of their responsibility and like to work when the idea is hot and the intention is strong.

They are self-confident

Action-oriented people are the ones who have a strong sense of self! They trust themselves with the work they are given and have a strong sense of control in life. Being self-confident, they are highly optimistic and thus have a positive feeling of self. They are well aware of their strengths and weaknesses and know how to harness them in various situations of life. As self-confident individuals, action-oriented people have realistic expectations and clarity in their goals. They are efficient communicators and ace at handling criticism. Thus with all these qualities, an action-oriented individual believes in oneself to pull off any work that is assigned to him or her.

They know how to get behind a job until it’s done

It is well said that a task offered to an action-oriented individual is assured to be done as all that he or she can think of after the assignment, is completing it. Action-oriented individuals are highly task-oriented. Their goal is always to get the next task and get it done. And then onto another one. Having clarity of goals, they know which step to take next and keep moving forward in the right direction. They do not think about the possibilities of the result and believe in giving their best shot, no matter the outcome. As a result, the assigned work is dealt with the best approach and the resultant is favorable too.

Now that we know how can one benefit from being action-oriented, here are a few ways by which you can develop an action-oriented mindset.

1. Be okay with failures

One drawback of result-oriented individuals is that all their actions are in variance with what the result could be. As the result is always unpredictable, the actions too are indecent. The actions aren’t in the form of the best efforts. And hence, the results are always unfavorable. It is important to realize that the result of a particular task is dependent on various factors and not just your execution. And so one should learn to be okay with failures and just concentrate all the energy in giving your best effort.

2. Prioritize present

In today’s fast pacing world, one’s mind is everywhere but in the present. We are either thinking about the good or bad things that happened in the past or are busy anticipating what the future holds for us. All this while, we forget the fact that time demands us to be in the present. To be in the moment as that’s where the true treasure lies, that’s what is truly in your control.  Action-oriented people have a strong sense of the present. They know that the best way to be successful and happy is to conquer the present and give that best shot today. Thus they never regret what’s gone and are not anxious about the future. As they know that in future too they will give their best to their present moment. 

3. Believe in yourself

All of us have individuals around us who have a strong belief in themselves. They are confident of what they do and are assured of positive outcomes. You will always find them less procrastinating and full of energy. These individuals are the ones who are action-oriented. Want to be one? Well, then you gotta start believing in yourself. Keep the notion of what might happen aside and just concentrate on what you are good at. With this belief, keep giving your best with every dawn of the day. And with this discipline, you shall find yourself conquering life.

4. Take that step

One major factor that differentiates an action-oriented person and a result-oriented person is “taking that step”. As the famous quote puts it, “sometimes the smallest quote in the right direction, ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must but take that step.” What would people say if I take up my hobby as my profession? what if I don’t succeed? Get past all the demeaning insecurities and doubting questions and just take that step forward.

5. Pat yourself for the work done well

When you finally reach the state when you leave behind the habit of procrastinating and actually start taking action for your goals, do not forget to give yourself calculated rewards. May it be an iced coffee after a good presentation or a weekend trip for a major target achieved, we leave that up to you. 

Now get up and get going! Set yourself on the journey of being action-oriented! Good luck.



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