9 Ways to rekindle your relationship

It is important to mark this change early to take necessary actions for the relationship to be at its best. For example, not trusting each other, not often talking, having more arguments, or spending less time together are some of the instances which tell that there is a need to make efforts for a relationship to sustain. 

The effort to maintain the special relationship gradually fades away as the relationship matures. The connection you felt at the beginning seems to fade away. Things become monotonous, and there is no excitement. While being in a comfort zone and routinely providing safety and security strips off spontaneity and newness.

If this feels like your relationship, don’t lose all hope. If both of you are motivated and willing to make an effort toward each other, it’s never too late to bring back the excitement. However, there shall be a need and willingness to work through some issues you may neglect. The need to lessen the distance that has grown between you through communication, affection, intimacy, and reconnection.  

Wondering where to start this process? Well, here are 11 steps for you to rekindle your relationship.

1. Be grateful and appreciative

In the initial stages, we make sure to validate our partners. However, as time passes, these efforts fade away. This can result in your partner feeling unappreciated or not valued. To avoid this situation, you must be grateful and appreciative.

2. Explore new things together

The best way to allow a relationship to flourish is by creating new memories with your partner. You may think that, along with time, your days of fun and adventure are also over, but that is certainly not the case. You can always do new and spontaneous activities together.

3. Be affectionate

Giving them full attention, listening to what they are trying to say, and being there for them physically and mentally are different ways you can prove to be affectionate to your partner. It is always nice to show and be shown love in different ways.

4. Plan special things

Years down the line, striking the right balance between love and responsibilities becomes difficult. Especially when for both the work schedule is tight. But it is very important to take out some time for each other to do special things together. It could be going to your favorite dining together or going on trips. Anything that adds up to your love life. 

5. Talk often

It has been seen that when you develop feelings for someone, you want to know everything about them. Hence you engage in long conversations and become a active listener. However with time, the responsibilities also increase and rarely do partners get time to have meaningful conversations. Make sure that you take out time to talk often.

6. Heal and forgive

Arguments and disagreements often don’t present themselves early in a relationship but the more time you spend with your partner, the more they arise. But it is important to not make a big deal of them as they also are a part of the relationship. Instead of holding on to resentment and negativity, try to forgive your partner and heal from those instances.

7. Be curious about your partner

Remember how curious you used to be about your partner in the early stage of your relationship? You asked them questions of their past and their dreams. You kept them in your thoughts constantly. We are sure you don’t do this now. Being curious about your partner is a good way of rekindling your love. Ask questions to them that make you understand them more. This is a good way of fixing a relationship.

8. Put your best efforts

How far you used to go just to see your partner’s smile. With circumstances and rising responsibilities, our efforts toward our partner start diminishing. Its okay to fall in comfortable habits and routines in a relationship but it is also important to maintain that romantic quotient in it. Make efforts for your partner to strengthen and deepen your connection. 

9. Say sorry and thank you

Both these terms may seem basic but are often the most neglected ones. Most of the time, in a relationship, because of the “forever” expectation, we start taking our partner for granted. Understand that being apologetic and thankful for even the meager things can help you bring you closer to your partner. 

Remember that if you are willing to put in the effort and haven’t lost hope for your relationship, the right kind of steps can help you rekindle the love with your partner. Good luck!



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