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Top tips for a good mental health

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Adapting to the new normal hasn’t been easy for us. We have been coping and adjusting to various changes in our daily life. From the new Work from Home culture, homeschooling to major drifts in almost all the pre-existing trends of humans. In this chaos, good mental health has taken a back seat. According to recent statistics, more than 70% of Indians have fallen prey to stress and anxiety. 

All this while, we have been learning ways to maintain our physical health. But little is said on the impact of all the recent mayhem on mental health. A healthy and stable mind is as important as a healthy body today. Prioritizing the balance of emotional and mental wellbeing in these difficult times is very essential. Following ways can help you refrain from the avalanche of negative thoughts and maintain a good mental health: 


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It is a proven theory that a good session of exercise can help increase self esteem and improve your cognitive function. It also brings in a sense that you have taken a step towards your own betterment. Not only does it optimally improve severe mental conditions but also helps you with better sleep, overcoming fatigue and social withdrawal. 


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Meditation is learning and observing your thoughts without judging them. It is a practice that will help you align your thoughts better and enable you to reach your optimum capacity. You can choose your own type of meditation. Regular practice of it will help you attain mindfulness.

adopt a routine

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Managing work, family and social life can often become overwhelming. By establishing a routine, one can filter out the tasks that are really important and focus on them efficiently. With an established routine you can not just take care of the tasks that are important but can also take out spare time for yourself. 

try one hard thing every day

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The goal here is to make yourself mentally strong. In your process of adopting a new routine, make sure you add something that you are not comfortable doing usually. It could be a meager thing like maintaining your closet, cooking your own meal, or taking that swimming class you are afraid to go to. By doing this you are automatically training yourself to be mentally strong. 

enough sleep

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Our mental wellbeing is strongly related to our sleep cycle. A good 8 hours of sleep can greatly affect your mood and energy level. Prioritizing your sleep is the best thing you can do for yourself to keep up with the world in an energized way. 

digital detox

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today our life revolves around digital mediums and social media sites. The virtual world has become the real world for us. Being thorough with the news and latest trends, getting inspired by seeing different lifestyles, is all done through social media today. However, all of its demands being present all the time. And that can sometimes become overwhelming. Taking a break from these digital mediums can thus save you some quality time for yourself. A time where you can reflect and let go of distractions.


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