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We are certified professionals for MBTI, MMTIC and DMIT various tools that take you through revelations after self enquiry. We recommend the test & programmes that best suits your needs. It will help you map out the next stage of your life. Your sense of self worth will begin to improve. Our consultant’s undivided attention & wealth of experience will ensure the desired results. We will empower you for personal & professional breakthrough & success.

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Sixteen Myers Briggs Personality Types

MBTI result are based on four sets of preferences. These preferences result in sixteen different types. The main aim of knowing about personality type is to understand ourselves and appreciate people differences. It looks at how you prefer to interact with others, take in information and use that to make decisions and form opinions.


If any of this is true –

  • I want a fresh vision of my life.
  • I need an exact plan & help.
  • I am confused and lost.
  • I do not know what to do next.
  • I have faced enough challenges and am now feeling disappointed with life.
  • I have already achieved success and am ready for the next challenges.

Then we at z-edge will help you –

Achieve breakthrough by converting your self-doubt into self-belief.

  • Shake you up and wake you up
  • Help you explore your hidden potential
  • Enable you to go beyond previous limitations
  • Empower you to address specific challenges
  • Facilitate you to identify your passion and live life with full self expression and more…

How will it help -

It helps people to understand their innate disposition. This leads to greater self awareness better self- management. It provides a powerful framework for enhancing awareness of self, establishing better relationships, achieving excellence. It helps you overcome challenges at various stages of life. MBTI reveals your "Psychological Code" & your personality preference thereby help you take the right decisions in career, in life."