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What have you lost? You’re Creation or the ability to create?

This story is of a client whose journey is worth admiring and sharing.

“He was from another state and had come to me in his time of despair. His father had asked him to leave the house. He belonged to a renowned  and wealthy family. He admitted of being a brat and not paying heed to anything that his father said. He didn’t know anything about the real world and had no idea how to survive without the support of his father.

Out of helplessness, he decided to have an idea of what the future is holding for him. He came for an astrology session at my center. The first question from him was about his future only. He didn’t have faith in his destiny and hence was very anxious about his life beyond.

With my first session itself, I had a fair idea that he had a

great future, provided he trusted his capabilities. He was meant to become a big businessman but now was not the time. Post some study of my own, I suggested he take up the study of CA and start his journey.

He had found a suitable path for himself and thus went on with it. He gathered his sources, held upon his strengths and became a reputed CA.  Years went by and I never heard of him. In some time itself, he had started making news with his affairs and was not less than some tycoon. He had built his own kingdom, all by himself that too from scratch.

After a span of 30 years, he came back to my center. This time too I could see the same despair on his face, like it was the last time I met him. He started narrating his journey of past years and everything he had created. To his misfortune, all that he achieved in years had gone in less than months. 

This time too, I knew that he could make it big despite all

the losses so I asked him a question. What have you lost? Everything you created or the ability to create? He answered, “The empire that I created”. By answering the question itself he got a solution to all his problems. He realized that although he had lost everything, the ability to regain it is still there. With this belief, he left my center and got back to achieve what he had lost.

This session did not last for more than 10 minutes and yet it

was one of the best. I hope you too could relate to our client in some way or the other and have found a solution to your problem too.

Always remember, until there is the capability to recreate,

nothing is lost.


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