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Unhappy at Work? What You Need to Consider Before You Quit

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Whether it is the diminishing learning graph, chance for better opportunities somewhere else, or stagnancy in the current workplace, if “should I quit my job?” Is one of the recurrent questions in your mind, it’s time that you consider a few things before taking the major decision. With the current updates introduced to the work culture, most people are unhappy with their present work. For some, making the decision to leave is easy while for some it isn’t obvious to decide whether it is time for them to switch. 

Following factors will help you reflect and decide whether to put that resignation letter or not 

Ask yourself why?

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This will allow you to get to the root of the cause. Asking yourself why would help you understand why you are willing to leave the job. Further you can reflect on your answers and decide whether resigning from your job is the only way out. Getting the right answers will eventually enable you to choose the right course of action. 

Reflect on what is making you unhappy

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Is it your professional growth that is being delayed or you’ve been stuck with an uninteresting project or your organisation has undergone an unexpected drift? Analyse your dejection and decide whether it’s temporary or permanent. If it is the former case, it might be ideal to leave the job.

make a pros and cons list

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Doing this will steer clear of all the confusion in your head. Make a positive and a negative column and jot your thoughts accordingly. If it seems like all that you are writing is ending up in the negative column, it clearly signifies that it is time to give that resignation letter. 

Conscious thought to other opportunities:

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Before you resign from your present job, it is important to know that you have a strong backup. Not just this, it is also important to analyse that the job you are about to pursue does not have the same issues and is better in some way or the other. 

Discuss with friends and family

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Most of the time, in instances like this, we get caught in the loop of thoughts and are unable to make a decision. This is when the opinion of your family or friends can help you arrive at a favourable decision. A change in job majorly affects your close ones. Thus they can give you different perspective altogether and enable you to take the best decision


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  Comparing your current job to the one you are vying to get can help you understand your choices better. Ask yourself the right questions like “does the new job get me a step closer to my dream”. Comparing between your choices will enable you to make a better decision


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