The ABC’s… of life.

The letter doesn’t stand alone. But in combination with other letters, alphabets they can create an entire language. Just 26 letters, but innumerable combination resulting in words, sentences, series, books and language.

This is my attempt to pay homage to each of its letter. We are beginning series with which other but A. My top 5 picks of “A” are:

• Ability: – Ability is what you are capable of doing. Everyone is able, and can do anything they want if they are determined. It is something which can take you to the top if used efficiently. Good to identify one’s ability, measure it, hone it, and convert it to achieving.
• Achievement: – A word with subjective connotation yet power packed. The sound of it is such that it can trigger a series of action in life, starts with aim, punched with dedication and discipline, gaining of knowledge, mollified with perseverance, learning through series of attempts of success and failures and when you arrive, there you are an achiever.
• Attitude: – . Unfortunately most of the time we refix it with a loosely used word positive or negative. Or worse case, right or wrong. Poor word is torn between the ends of the spectrum One of the most significant qualities anyone should posses would be a proper attitude. If your attitude is not correct towards your work, no matter how much you slog it out, you won’t achieve what you want to. Your attitude can make or break the whole situation. Only if we could place it in the middle and call it balanced and proper it could be a game changer for our life.
• Adapt: – Every next level of your life will demand a different you. So how you adapt to those changes determines your future steps. Being adaptive to any situation shows how open you are with changes and how quickly you gain something out of it. In this rapidly varying situations in life if we were not to adapt we would cease to exist. That’s one word for survival and evolution.
• Arise: – Every day brings a new challenge and every challenge makes you think differently. Situations like these makes one arise every day mentally and open new windows of ideas and imagination. Arise and be all that you always dreamt of. Only through many obstacles one can arise and make way for themselves.

So here it was celebrating “A” the first of the series.


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