The ABC’s… of life – The endearing enigma of ‘E’

The endearing enigma of “E”.

My top 5 picks are…

EVOLVE – Nature is, world is, life is. And so we as a part of all above must and do evolve. But for sure it doesn’t happen in a day. For nature and world it takes eons. For us humans, it depends on every individual how he evolves through any trouble situation. One cannot evolve unless we are willing to change. If you want to sustain in this self- centric world, as in the end it is always survival of the fittest, keep evolving.

EXCELLENCE – Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. So say the wise men, being mediocre should never be a choice. We as human should strive to achieve what we want to. Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident said A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

ENJOY – Every moment of life is to be cherished and enjoyed. It should not be wasted with negativity, sadness, and tensions. Nobody has a perfect stress free life; it is up to every individual how he tackles problems and manages his life. Every new day brings new challenges and demands, how you enjoy your life with all those challenges is the actual battle.

ENTHUSIASM – That extra punch of energy in all that you do, the power of spirit is enthusiasm. It is the spice of the action that one does. Every work demands extreme dedication, but is incomplete without extreme enthusiasm. It is one of the important aspects which can generate you with a qualitative result. When you do a task, do it with all your heart, put in your best foot forward, nail it with your energy, with enthusiasm and interests, and nothing can stop you from what you want to achieve. Nothing great can ever be achieved without enthusiasm.

ENDURE – That which cannot be cured must be endured. And for sure in life there are situations and moments which have no “cure” really. Endurance then becomes an inextricable part of life. Endurance is strength. It is the ability to turn a harsh thing into glory and wondrous is the strength of the man who knows the power of endurance.


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