The ABC’s… of life – The C’uestions

COUNSELLING: – Many people at some point of their life need somebody to talk to about their problems and worries which can be in a more precise way handled by a counsellor. Counselling being the first step towards simplifying one’s life and making it more clarified. Counselling can help you think in a different way to your issues and sort it out accordingly. In the end it is always better to speak your heart with somebody who would not just listen to it but give out some appropriate ways to deal with it.

CHOICE & CHANCE: – Life is full of options or choices, but also life is full of chances. There are multiple decisions we take so often unaware of its effects later on. Many of the decisions are made by choice and sometimes happens by chance. By making a choice, it is by default taking a chance, which leads us to focus even more on the obstacles that surround us. We sure wouldn’t want to be that person who’d, later on, end up saying ‘I wish I had done this or been there’?

COMMITMENT: – Be it your relationship, career, work or a hobby; without any commitment nothing can be accomplished. A self less commitment towards anything can make an immense difference in anyone’s life.  How committed you are for something determines your inner strength.

CONFIDENCE:- It is the ability to feel beautiful without needing someone to tell it to you. Too much of time is wasted comparing ourselves to others and wishing to be someone we aren’t. Every individual has their own strengths and weaknesses but the only thing which can make you stand apart is how confident you are in whatever you do, unless it converts to over confidence.

CHANGE & CONSTANT:- Change is the only constant. There is not a single thing in the whole universe that is constant. The only way life moves ahead is through various changes prevailing in one’s life. A bad day for someone doesn’t mean it’s a bad life; there is always a good time awaiting after a bad one. Change is the biggest truth and constant the biggest lie for every human being.
So “take a chance and make a choice to bring a change”.


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