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Much has been said about addiction all through the ages. Addiction is when you have lost your ability to stop doing or using that which is harmful to you. Basically, it takes away the freedom to choose with discrimination. In earlier days, it was about alcohol, drugs, tobacco etc. but gone are those days. A new addiction has emerged and the millennial are gen Z, as they say are hard hit. It is their addiction to social media.

Social media with all its inherent goodness of connecting people old and new friends. Making the world a smaller place has sadly been hit by indiscriminate attachment to it.

People are constantly comparing their lives with others and measuring their self worth by number of views and likes. Isn’t it really unsettling that there is a need for this kind of validation of being constantly watched and rated?

There is a pressure on our minds to make our lives look perfect and if it is not we need to weave a lie to make it appear so. We are caught in the race of likes and views. Our likes have been reduced to believing, “if you haven’t posted it didn’t happen”.

Comparisons are odious as it is, and that too set by whomever to the impossible standards. It is creating inferiority complex, self –sabotage, due to the ill social media. They are driven by the need to satisfy their desire for validation.

Let’s connect, let’s use it, let’s promote. Let’s share and leave it at that. We need to understand that we need to line for ourselves and not for media. Beautiful moments can be cherished too even if kept private.

Let us stoop feeding our virtual ego and start living real for once. Let us believe we are worth all the valuable moments that we have lived, validations or not!!


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