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Seeking harmony and contentment at home with Z-Edge

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This is a story about a couple who have been married for 14 years and have two children.

A perfect marriage

This is a story about a couple who have been married for 14 years and have two children. Like any ordinary couple., they started out by falling in love with each other from a very young age. Got married and settled down with two kids. She got immersed in being the perfect wife and mother. He on the other hand took up a full-time job to provide for his family. He gave in fully as a good dad but couldn’t be as involved with his wife. She on the other gave her best to be a full-time mother and an ideal wife. Years passed by and both of them kept being perfect parents. However, all these years they lacked being the perfect partners. All these years they rarely took out time for each other. Their life revolved around giving the best life to their kids. 

a dissatisfied partner

She, being a full-time mom, got little time for her own and like any other mother, felt guilty when she took out time for herself. As a wife, she wanted more help from her husband in the household affairs but felt hesitant for asking about it. She felt so because of two reasons. One because she felt that he should understand that she needs more help on his own. And second, because she felt that as a perfect mother, she shouldn’t be needing any help. As a result, she continued doing what she did.

Growing resentment

Years went by and her resentment started building up. Communication with her husband now became more difficult for her because she did not do it in the first place. She seemed always annoyed. When asked why by her husband, she would get more frustrated. She tried communicating that she was not okay with the current chores through her action. Her husband however failed to understand the signs. Finally, she started withdrawing herself from the relationship. She found herself in an emotional dilemma. Although she wanted to be there for her family, she acted the opposite. She started spending most of her time away from the family. 


She met a man that catered to how she felt. She was craving someone’s interest and attention. And she was finally getting that. As a result, she spent most of her time with him. Her unusual behavior and lack of interest at home caught the husband’s attention. And before the affair reached the next step, she was caught. Her husband was devastated by the discovery. All this while he thought he had a happy family and was the perfect husband and father. 

Getting Caught

She on the other hand felt guilty too. Both the husband and wife were in a difficult dynamic. When asked about the affair, she refused to have a conversation and blamed the husband for not being present for her. To find a solution was beyond their capacity and so they decided to undergo relationship counseling. She was full of the agony of not seeking enough help from her husband. He on the other hand was confused. All this while he thought he was doing his bit. They needed help communicating with each other and so they chose Z-Edge for this purpose.

The Agony and Mistrust

The husband was hurt and had lost trust. Both of them had become insecure about their relationship. When they came to Z-Edge they were in forage for some solution. In their first meet with Renu ma’am itself, she knew where the problem lied. In her counseling, she urged the couple to have conversations with each other and became a mediator for some difficult questions. She helped them reach the crux of their problem by digging deep. By now, both of them at least knew that they wanted to be with each other. But how? was the next issue.

Introduction to Relationship Counseling

Renu ma’am understood one thing that all this happened because of a lack of communication on behalf of the lady. She did her bit and expected her husband to understand her without communicating. Renu ma’am made her understand her mistake and helped her communicate her expectations to her husband. It took a few sessions for her to communicate effectively with him. But as she did it, she realized that coming into an affair was an easy escape from the reality of her relationship. A way to avoid conflict

Identifying issues

When they came to Z-Edge, they were on the brink of divorce. However, their children were the reason they wanted to give their relationship a chance. With Renu ma’am, both of them were able to understand the problem and hence the solution. In this case, the wife expected her husband to step up for her without communicating. And the husband was in the delusion of being in a perfect marriage. He had no idea that his wife was full of resentment against him.

Seeking harmony with counseling

Now that they knew what the problem was, Renu ma’am helped them take steps towards seeking harmony with each other. They engaged themselves in weekly counseling for 8 months and took the steps necessary to build a happy marriage. Insecurity and lack of communication were the cruces of their problem and Renu ma’am helped them get past it. By giving so much time for the growth of their relationship they experienced a gradual and long-lasting change in their relationship. With Z-Edge and Renu ma’am they were successful in taking their marriage off the ledge. They were happier and took efforts in unison to make their marriage work. 

“If it hadn’t been for Renu ma’am and Z-edge, I would have never understood the prowess of communication. It is because of her that both of us are taking equal and efficient efforts to help this marriage work.”



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