We are entering 2023 and all of us must have at least a small list of resolutions like every year. Aiming for a new job, weight loss, getting up early, quitting smoking, exercising, reading ‘x’ number of books, and so on!

Some resolutions must have beenaddedfrom last year’s list as well, because, common let’s be honest, most of us failed to stick to those!

Each year we feel motivated to stick by the resolutions, but maybe in a couple of months, weeks or even a few days of the new year, we find ourselves struggling to continue with it. And we eventually give up! But NOT this time!

Yes! We have some tips for you to ensure you stick to your plans, daily, till we ring into 2024!

How to plan new resolutions?

1. Ask yourself ‘WHY?’:

It’s impossible to change your habits overnight. It won’t happen like twirling the magic wand and boom– It’s a new you. No. You need to sit and think as to why you are making these resolutions. Why the change is essential and why you need to embed it into your lifestyle. When you know the answer, your mere determination converts into a massive thought process.

2. Be realistic

Are your new goals way too vague? Are they too unreal? Are they unachievable? If your true answer is NOT yes, then it’s a no-go! Be realistic about your goals. They should be bendable into your schedules with the consideration of other feasibilities. Your time, your effort, your focus, and your health!

3. Break down your timelines and tasks

When you think of doing a task for 365 days—it seems like a lot! You need not take the burden of those many days, rather, break it down as per days and tasks. Researchers say that it takes 21 days to build a habit. So be it reading a book, going to the gym, waking up early, doing yoga or whatever your resolution is—try doing it for 21 days first. Keep increasing your number of days as you succeed. This way, the targets are always under your control.

4. Be personal

When you decide upon your goals, make sure you are being highly personal about them. Like, the resolutions should be your own, not derived from someone’s pep talk! They should be relatable to you and your choices. Do not force a goal on yourself just because it’s trending or it’s someone’s aim. Also, keep these resolutions to yourself until you gain some confidence about them.

5. Don’t be harsh on yourself

Not every day is the same. Some days are tough to mentally be ready to stick by your new rules. On some days, you might not be physically fit if it requires you to be. Hence, while planning your resolutions, keep some ‘OFF DAYS’. Set a limit of 30 OFF DAYS. By fixing this time, you won’t take unnecessary time offs from your resolution and whenever you take offs, you won’t be guilty either.

6. Set daily reminders for your daily tasks

It’s a digital age. Everything comes in handy, and so does setting reminders for your tasks on your mobile phone with just one tap. If the target is to go out to run at 7 am, ensure you have reminders set in your mobile from 6 am- to wake up, next at 6.30 to put on running clothes and shoes and at 7 am- you type a motivational message to yourself like—Time to run and breathe in fresh air! Set such reminders for each of your tasks, DAILY. And you’ll see yourself managing it better than ever before.

7. Reward yourself, pat your own back

As you plan your resolutions by breaking them down in days, or by any parameters, you should reward yourself with something you love. For example, if your target to lose 2 kgs is accomplished within 3 months- Reward yourself with new gym clothes or your favourite feast. This is a way to motivate yourself and remind you that you are awesome.

8. Choose your circle wisely

While you are manifesting something, be it a change or anything major, make sure you are surrounded by like-minded people. This is really important. Your company matters. Being surrounded by people who have diverse mindsets thanyours, can hamper your success on a loose moment. But if you find a community or groups who have similar goals or are equally motivated, it becomes easier for you to keep up with your plans. Your motives shall align, and you won’t feel left out or alienated. Hence, always choose your people wisely!

9. Track your success

Your accomplishments inspire you. Hence, always track your success at the strategic point of tenure. Maintain a personal diary or a journal. Jot down your key accomplishments, write about the toughest moments that you could overcome, and your experiences of how success tastes. For example, if it’s a day when you could battle your urge to smoke, the next time, this written experience shall remind you of your capabilities!

Whenever you feel demotivated, you will be able to look at how far you’ve come. Journaling also helps have a clean and clear mind.

10. Stay happy

Even though this isn’t a tip to plan your resolution, it is very crucial that you stay happy while you are achieving things. It’s great to have a reality check if sticking by your resolutions or meeting a new you is making you happy. If not, you must know that something is not going right. Take a break, change your ways, and think of better ways to enrich yourself because nothing else matters more than your happiness. Do not go through something comprising your greater good. Never forget, the key to a successful new year resolution is ultimately a happy mind and happy body that helps you leap into a happier year ahead!

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