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Let not your past have your prowess

“I was like a log on water. Having no control over my life”

Story of one of our clients reviving from the worst version of himself…

I was brought up in a wealthy family and had the habit of getting everything at ease. Same was the case with my friends and colleagues. I never felt the burden of any responsibility and led life on my terms. Soon this luxury of mine became a bane. I indulged myself into all the inappropriate habits. And before I could even realize, one of these habits became an addiction. I had become a drug addict and went on the way of disrupting everything good I had.

My life had no barrier, no routine and I became the worst version of myself. Drugs were the only thing I could think of and lived for. I knew I wasn’t on the right path but still didn’t wish to do anything about it. Although my parents never interfered in anything I did, they knew that something was wrong with me as I had started spending most of my time alone. Soon they became suspicious of me being an addict and planned on sending me to a rehab center for the necessary aid.

A rehab for a drug addict is a place worse than jail. I couldn’t even imagine myself in a situation like that and thus decided to leave home.

The day before I was supposed to be sent to rehab, I left home and took a train for a city where no one could find me in.

Before the train even left the platform, I was grabbed by men sent by my father and was pulled down from the train. I could see my father standing and looking me in the eye. The fact that I couldn’t match eyes with my father, made my feet tremble. I knew that I didn’t need an escape from my family but an escape from this horrid habit I had developed.

From the station itself I was taken to a rehab. Each day from then was a living experience in hell. The only thing that kept me going was the sight of my father’s eyes searching for his son that day. I wanted to get back at him and tell him that I was alright.

Soon I attained relief and was allowed to go home and start a new life. But how was I supposed to get a start? Everybody I knew had already attained success and I hadn’t even started yet. This was when my parents took me to Renu ma’am and introduced me to Z- edge.

My first conversation with her itself motivated me to start my career without being affected by my past. She told me that there are a number of great possibilities with the new me and that nothing can be impossible now. The team at Z edge made me aware of all the potential career options and helped me choose the best suitable one.

Finally, after a long setback, I was led back on the track of life. All of this would not have been possible without Renu ma’am and her team and I shall be always grateful for their effort towards me.

Thank you so much. 


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