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It is all about making the right choice

One of our clients had developed keen interest in cooking from a very young age and had a fair idea of what he wanted to do in future. He either wished to be a head chef or wanted to have his  own food business. His family on the other side wanted him to choose a more settled and respectful career. In the fear of disappointing his family with his choices in life, he started concentrating on his career and got a satisfactory job by the end of his education. 

Initially he was happy with his standing in life as his job was paying him well, but  the repetitive tasks on a daily basis made him furious and disinterested. He thought switching from his current job would give him relief and would develop his interest back but that too went in vain. With his constant dubiety and dissatisfaction, nor could he perform well in his present job nor could he think of any other alternative for his growth. Soon, he started withdrawing from every social gathering or meeting and started blaming his family for all the loss in his life.

To his fortune, eventually, he himself came to realize that he needed some guidance and clarification to be able to head in the right direction. One of his close friends suggested that he should undergo counseling. Agreeing upon the same, he approached Z-edge. He opened up and shared everything about himself. In 3-4 sessions itself, he had gotten a clear idea of where he went wrong. 

After he was done with his counseling, he realised that he himself was responsible for his failure in the past and he himself would be responsible for his success in future too. If he had been confident about his dream and had shared it with his parents, he could have led a more happier life. Upon his realisation, he was motivated to start fresh in the field he always wished to work in. After sharing his story with his family and having their optimistic say on his life choice, he decided to start his own food business. 

Today our client is running a renowned food serving business and is confident and thrilled about it flourishing in the future.


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