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“I now know that I am capable of doing anything ”

I have overcome insecurity
I can do anything

What Happened? How did i find the secret to overcomE insecuritY?

“I thought that I had lost the battle of life and there was nothing that I could do to make things better for me, But Z-Edge instilled in me a sense of hope when I needed it the most. They also made me believe that it is never too late to shape your life in the form you want it to be.”

possible, impossible, opportunity to fight insecurity

A young boy narrates his story of rising from the ashes of insecurity and negativity to carving his own path of success. 

Ready to hear the full story about overcoming Insecurities?

“I was always an above average and ambitious individual. My father being a government official, his place of work changed frequently, And so did the schools for me and my younger brother. However, The frequent change of schools always made it difficult for me to have a great identity and good friends. As a result, although being an above-average student, I often used to find myself nowhere amongst the cream students. Given this, being a leader and having best friends was a far-fetched thing for me. I passed high school with decent marks and went on to my junior college. To my fortune, my junior college remained the same for two years. This allowed me to make some good friends. I completed my junior college with good marks too and made some great friends. 

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Having not gotten any fair chance in my school life, I always had the ambition to do everything in my college life. And so, when I started my graduation, I made it a point to take part in every competition, have a good academic record and lead whenever I get a chance. I did everything and had the time of life.Getting into a good post graduate program was the next goal now. 

Everything was going well until I lost one of my closest aunts in Jan 2019. And in the span of a month, my father was laid off from his job. Just when we were recovering from this trauma, I lost my uncle too. All of this came together and it brought adverse effects on my entire family. I was to prepare for my PG entrance, But the situation demanded that I start earning for my family. 

stress, anxiety, depression, insecurity

So What Triggered this Insecurity?

I decided to prepare for my entrance and start earning alongside. Things went well for a period. But this tedious routine had me occupied throughout. As a result, all my relationships suffered. I started finding myself alone. In Feb 2020 I suffered from a panic attack. I had never experienced something like that. The panic attack was such that I couldn’t think straight about anything. Post that, my approach had become negative towards everything. I had no friends, my health had deteriorated and I couldn’t show up at my workplace or for my entrance. So, I wasn’t feeling like myself and that I had lost everything. 

I wasn’t sure about Counselling…

Concerned about things going offhand, my family decided to take me to a counselor. I had zero interest in taking help from someone I didn’t even know. However, my family gave me no other option but to take aid from a counselor. 

We searched for a number of counseling websites but didn’t find an ideal one. Finally, we came across Z-Edge. It was rated amongst the topmost counselling firms of the city and had decent reviews throughout. Given this, I decided to enquire at their center. 

I was received with great warmth over the call and asked what my difficulty was.  Couldn’t tell much but was understood well by the fellow counsellor. I was advised to take up personal counselling with Renu Ma’am. The owner and lead counsellor of Z-edge. Happy with the conversation, I confirmed my appointment with her. Suddenly, the feeling of Insecurity was challenged.

There was now a ray of hope

I attended my first appointment with a hesitant heart. Since I had zero hope of things getting better. However, with my first conversation with Renu ma’am itself, I became optimistic about finding an ideal path for myself. Renu ma’am at Z-edge was very patient with how I opened up to her. She didn’t bombard me with advice but listened to how I felt first. As I started telling her about how I was and what I had become, I realized that I had been too hard on myself. It was a realization that happened only after talking to Renu ma’am. I signed up for more appointments with Renu ma’am as I saw a change in my perspective in the first meeting itself. Suddenly, Insecurity started Vanishing.


Renu ma’am assured me that the change would be gradual but a permanent one. Each appointment consisted of laid-back conversations about me. And with each meeting, I was introduced to good traits about myself. Renu ma’am with her approach introduced to me a version of myself that even I didn’t know lying. She developed in me the long-lost zeal to fight for myself no matter what the situation is. With some great talks over an ideal perspective and some great self-care tips, Renu ma’am developed in me a better approach towards life. 

Happy and healthy woman. She has overcome insecurity
Happy and Healthy woman

Post all the sessions, I now had a fresh perspective towards what I wanted to do in life and I couldn’t wait to act upon it. Both my family and I shall be forever grateful to Z-edge and Renu ma’am. She did not just give me a solution, she gave me an approach that shall be applicable everywhere in life. With it, I know I am capable of doing anything.

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