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Help Me. I Am Unhappy and Lost: 6 Powerful Happiness Tips

In the past days of gliding through the latest covid 19 reports, when was it that you checked in your self-happiness report? Is your morning beverage your only source of motivation to get up? If the answer is yes, you might need a fix to surge those happy hormones. It is truly said that happiness is not a goal but a by-product of a life well-lived. It is a lifestyle and a choice. Happiness is the fruit that we reap from a life, where our thoughts and our actions are in harmony. So how do we attain happiness? The following might help you in your quest. 

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Carpe diem

Or should we say, seize the day ! Simply put, make the most of your present and give little thought to your worries that lie in the future. We often take our present for granted by thinking about the past and worrying about the future.Look out for opportunities that make you happy today, it could be you building a habit, getting a step closer to your dream, doing what you like, creating a network or just appreciating your recent win. 

Fix the sleep debt

Prioritising your sleep is the natural way to give your body the needed rest and keep the worries at bay. It helps you regain energy and face the day with a rejuvenated approach. Think of how you can work on your sleep patterns and make sure you get a good 8 hours of sleep everyday. A good sleep will surge those happy hormones and will set your mood right for the entire day. 

Journal your thoughts

Many individuals adopted journaling as a regular practice amidst lockdown. It is a record  of our very own thoughts and feelings. This habit can help you organise your thoughts and streamline your goals. It will allow you to self reflect and analyse what went wrong. And so you can work on it and get a step closer in your quest for happiness.

Find calm in nature

Being in nature can calm the marathon of anxious thoughts in your mind. You can either make your own green corner or take that 40 minutes stroll on a nearby green trail. Being in nature is a quick fix to anger, fear and stress. Exposure to it can not only make you feel better mentally but will also enable physical wellbeing. Thus taking you one step closer to a happy and healthy life. 

Practice self care

Selfcare is your own way to unwind and slow down. It is an ideal answer to how we can cope up with daily stress. Putting time and effort into self-care can help you reset your life. Your self-care regime can be taking that long-awaited trip or taking out time to do something you love. The goal is to practice things that help you recharge in the best way possible. 

Practice optimistic thinking

We cannot control the situation around us but we can control how we think and react. Practicing positive thinking can change your entire outlook towards life. When we add negative thoughts, the brain generates stress. But when we add positive thoughts the brain generates happiness. Give yourself a pep talk, surround yourself with positive people, practice gratitude and a positive change will then be inevitable.


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