Month: November 2018

top secret, confidential, classified

Will the information I share be kept as a secret?

Absolutely it is fundamental of counselling that the concerns and cases of our client are kept private. We respect the need for utmost privacy and we guarantee that. It is our responsibility to ensure secrecy, ethics of which are never compromised. Tejaswini

family, kids, children

Can I bring a friend, parent, child or sibling along?

Yes, surely you can. In fact, it is advisable to have a companion or a family member as it helps in better understanding. However in some cases of counselling where matter is such we need to speak one on one then we recommend a personal sitting ensuring utmost privacy and secrecy. Tejaswini

counselling, advice, therapist

For whom is the counselling for?

Counselling is for all people of all ages who are either distressed over life situations, the ones who are confused and need direction, the ones who are in messy relationships and need sorting out. In a nutshell, counselling is for all who are seeking direction, guidance or solution. Tejaswini

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