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10 Signs you are in an unhappy marriage

Even the most ideal couple goes through a rough patch over the many years of their marriage. However, for some, marriage itself becomes a stumbling block. Many married couples find themselves trapped in unhealthy patterns. They refuse to both pay heed and work towards its betterment. And that is when we know that the individuals are detached. This is the reason why there are constant conflicts. Some may resolve the issues through counseling while some don’t find the need to make an effort to mend the cracks. However, in both cases, recognizing the early signs of an unhappy, loveless marriage can help two individuals come back together or withdraw from the same before it takes a toll on one’s life. 

10 signs of an unhappy marriage

  1. You don’t confide in each other: There isn’t any transparency between the couple. All the important decisions are taken independently without taking in account the say of the other individual. Everything is kept private and all the important decisions are taken in absence of one another. If you find yourself sharing details of your life more with a friend than your spouse, there is something absurdly wrong in your relationship. 
  1. You stop being present: If you and your partner don’t find the need to be present at each other’s special events, both of you have detached on a severe level. If you find yourself alone in most of your events, there is some serious thinking to do.
  2. You don’t find the need to be with each other:  One of the key signs of a relationship ending is that you no longer find the need to be with each other. You are okay being by yourself for a larger chunk of the day and find it absolutely normal. Finding comfort in staying away from each other is a sign of an unhappy marriage.
  3. There’s the absence of emotional connection: Having an emotional connection is the milestone of every successful marriage. It forms the basis of everything in a relationship. If you are keeping your feelings from each other and finding it difficult to share it with your partner, your relationship is not in a good place. 
  4. There is no spark: Every relationship has its own rapport which makes them stand distinct from every other relationship. It is what keeps every marriage alive. If you and your partner seem to have lost your former spark and do not enjoy anything together, it means that the two of you are in a negative rut and need help. 
  5. There’s constant disapproval: If you and your partner find it difficult to come to a common ground even in the most trivial matter, there’s a need for you to seek help from outside.  In situations like this, there is criticism in every step and both individuals are in constant denial. 
  6. There are no arguments: When there are arguments, two people are striving to make things work amongst themselves. However, when there isn’t any, it is clear that none of the two are willing to make things better. And this is the worst place to be in.  
  7. No exchange of expectations: Having no expectations from each other signifies reaching the pinnacle of an unhappy marriage. It means that there is no hope for the relationship to prosper. Good or bad, having expectations is the most basic exchange in a relationship. The absence of it is losing one of the most crucial aspects of a relationship. 
  8. You are not really with each other: If being in the same room, too, feels alone, this signifies that both the partners have withdrawn themselves from their relationship. There is no active engagement between the two and their presence together is just for the namesake. Both of them are always doing their own thing. This is a clear indication that there’s disconnection.
  9. Absence of compassion: Empathy and compassion are the most basic virtues of a happy relationship. The absence of empathy is the absence of concern for the partner. This gives a clear indication that both the individuals are no more interested in each other’s life. And that there is zero contribution of one in each other’s life. 

No relationships are perfect but most of them find their path and are able to sustain in a happy marriage. In cases like above, it is ideal to seek help from an expert to know what is the most ideal thing to do. To call of the relationship or to work towards its betterment. 

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